1993 – 2000 Fufarma as a strategic enterprise cooperates and provides assistance to international organizations such as UNICEF, UNFPA, Rotary Club of Bern, Aid Norway, Norway Helsinki Committee, UDAID, CRIC, etc which supplied medical aid, examination equipment, heating equipment and necessary furniture for the Pediatric Services of Albania, for Obstetric-Gynecologic Hospital in Tirana as well as a number of  hospitals and health institutions in Albania.

1997 – 2000 Fufarma assists the NGO “Pharmaciens Sans Frontières” for storage and distribution of medical products for health structures in need.

1999 Fufarma provides centralized storage and distribution facilities for medical aid supplied for Kosovo war refugees.

March 2001 Fufarma contributes financially for 10 persons with incapacities, members of the Association of disabled People.

January 2002 following instructions of Order Nr.2 of January 6, 2002 of the Minister of Health, Fufarma supports public institutions working to relief consequences of extreme weather conditions in Dibër, Kukës and Shkodër regional districts.

October 2004 Fufarma provides medical products and optical glasses for retired senior citizens living in “Gjirokastra Retirement Center”.

February 2005 Fufarma arranges and supplies emergency medicine parcels for 48 municipalities isolated by snow.

March 2008 Fufarma assists "Mother Teresa University Hospital" with medicines to support the injured by the explosion of an ammunitions warehouse on the Gërdec village vicinity.

December 2010 Fufarma supports "Mother Teresa University Hospital" with medical materials, infusion systems, bandages, gauzes, etc., necessary to assist people affected by massive flooding in Shkodra area.

June 2016 On June 1-st, International Children's Day, Fufarma organized a festive event with animators, toys and gifts for unwell children, hospitalized in the pediatric pavilion of the General Pediatric Service at "Mother Teresa University Hospital"

March 2017 With the initiative of Fufarma promotion doctors, a family in need at Ballagat, Lushnje was helped economically.


Strong and sustainable development in right proportion with the economic development of our country being proactive in policies of healthcare system


Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field. Well prepared, dynamic and highly motivated personnel. An inspiring and welcoming work environment. Clear customer care goals and an always-improving customer approach. Well defined organizational structure; meticulously standardized operational procedures


FUFARMA will continue to be a prominent company in distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products from forerunning producers and creation of our own products basket.