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FUFARMA was founded in 1946 as a state enterprise for the import of all medicines, raw materials and medical equipment in Albania, further it has managed the distribution of local and imported products in the whole country.

FUFARMA was among the first commercial enterprises founded in Albania and the only processor/pharmaceutical distributor until 1993. As such, it served as a school for preparing successful pharmacists, physicians and employees of the logistics that have become the founders of the pharmaceutical network in Albania.

In the years 1995- 2008, FUFARMA served as strategic enterprise with public-private partnerships and as a bridge between the already privatized pharmaceutical market and State Hospital Service. In 2000 the Albanian government has centralized, in a controlled method, the distribution and technical check of drugs for hospital use, exclusively to FUFARMA. The performance of FUFARMA in this process proved to be so effective that the World Bank described it as one of the most successful achievements in Albanian healthcare in its report of February 2006.

With the same effectiveness, FUFARMA has stood alongside state institutions in emergencies or natural disasters, and has given its valuable contribution on the situation during the Kosovo war.
Today FUFARMA is a completely private company that aims to increase the quality and quantity of the product portfolio as well as to improve the dynamic service, not only in warehouses and pharmacies of FUFARMA, but in the whole pharmaceutical network throughout the country.

We work in all sectors by coordinating knowledge and initiatives of everyone to succeed in a challenging and relatively limited market towards the requirements of major international companies.
What matters and makes us feel grounded, is our daily work and aim to never lose contact with doctors in different fields, not only to launch products that we introduce, but also to see the needs of the pharmaceutical market in both private and hospitalsectors for new products.

Our people, who are the main strength, scrutinise the active principles, choosing the best formulas and are approaching many individuals to finalize the registration, building coordination bridges with all engaged entities and specialists of different medical fields.
Our distinctivenessin the pharmaceutical market is our care in the process of selection of companies and products with a guaranteed origin, while maintaining the standard of innovative drugs or those that are necessary for the quality of human life.
The result of this philosophy is our partnership with prestigious companies like Sanofi, Zentiva, Mylan, BoehringerIngelheim, Frezyderm, Aesculapius, Biodue, Buona, Ilko pharmaceuticals etc.with whom we have made a long way in the service of Albanian patients.

The future resembles what we represent daily, with work and improvement, relations with state institutions and entities of the field, to be a voice which is perceived in the trend of selecting the best product, collaboration with specialists in every chain from the first moment of research to the reality with patients.

This is the goal of our work, to take care of the quality of health and to achieve progressive growth, inspired by the staff and our partners.

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Isuf Berberi


Strong and sustainable development in right proportion with the economic development of our country being proactive in policies of healthcare system


Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field. Well prepared, dynamic and highly motivated personnel. An inspiring and welcoming work environment. Clear customer care goals and an always-improving customer approach. Well defined organizational structure; meticulously standardized operational procedures


FUFARMA will continue to be a prominent company in distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products from forerunning producers and creation of our own products basket.