FUFARMA sha was founded in May 24th, 1946 and is the first Albanian pharmaceutical company. In the position of a state enterprise, Fufarma has fulfilled all imports of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies to Albania and also has managed the distribution of all local products.

Fufarma was one of the leaders in commercial enterprises after Second World War and has been a fair partner for many foreign pharmaceutical companies, being the only pharmaceutical processor/ distributor in Albania until 1993.

Until late 2009, Fufarma has held the “strategic enterprise" status and its position remained of a special importance since it was the only company with capital/public shares that operated between a fully privatized pharmaceutical system and a health system (secondary and tertiary) completely public.

Fufarma has been the school where whole generations of pharmacists and logistics employees have practiced, trained, prepared and grown, to later define the trend of the domestic pharmaceutical market.

Located in Tirana and extended throughout Albania, Fufarma is today one of the most important players of the Albanian pharmaceutical market.

Once a state-owned enterprise, today Fufarma is a private shareholding company with rapid and stable growth, with a dynamic and motivated workforce, with technical, energetic and well-trained staff,and with an extensive,modern and well-established infrastructure.

Focused onquality, the entire packaging of its products is a clear display of care and responsibility towards the customer, which personifies Fufarma in all its activities.


Strong and sustainable development in right proportion with the economic development of our country being proactive in policies of healthcare system


Extensive experience in the pharmaceutical field. Well prepared, dynamic and highly motivated personnel. An inspiring and welcoming work environment. Clear customer care goals and an always-improving customer approach. Well defined organizational structure; meticulously standardized operational procedures


FUFARMA will continue to be a prominent company in distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products from forerunning producers and creation of our own products basket.